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My name is Will. I consume a LOT of material from billionaires, millionaires, fitness/health experts, scientists, and psychologists, and more. The topics I cover in my Youtube videos and my blog are in the following 4 big categories: achieving success in happiness, wealth, fitness, and dating.

Through these, they include achieving the lifestyle you want, achieving the financial independence and knowledge you need in life, studying/talking about billionaires/millionaires (how they made their impact and what common habits/traits you can take from them), and dating/getting better with the opposite gender. The material is intended for both genders.

Credibility: Why listen to me? I’ve read over a hundred books on these topics from some of the most wealthy or successful people in these 4 categories. Men who have achieved millions or billions in wealth and lay out information on how to get there. Fitness experts. Nutrition guides from the best that science has to offer. Happiness findings from expert coaches like Tony Robbins who have been working with depressed and suicidal people for 40+ years to dozens of scientific studies on what truly brings happiness. And hundreds of people who have and are doing very well with attractive women, which include Tucker Max, the infamous blogger/Duke Law grad/douchebag who slept with over a thousand women to podcasts and programs from PhDs and reputable scientists on the dozens of factors that can be improved to increase attraction.

If nothing else, I can at least guide you to more reputable sources and people who can do more than I can to help you succeed.

This is my blog where I share with you some of the content I’ve picked up.


I highly encourage you check out my youtube because that is where I put a majority of my time and energy:

Business inquiries only: icytime3 at gmail dot com

If you want to guest post, contact the email above with examples of your work

  1. Robert Walker permalink

    Hi Will,

    I suppose if I looked harder I would have found another way to contact you, but I wanted to follow-up with you to see what your thoughts are on Co-Promote after reading a blog where you were “skeptical” about their service.

    I ask, because I have been considering making use of it.




    • I did not get much benefit from it at all. Perhaps I just got bad people with lots of dead followers but I think that’s generally the case


  2. Scott permalink


    If you don’t mind me asking what kind of things are you doing career-wise?


    Fellow Tai Lopez MBA member


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