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Recommended Courses, Talks, & More

These are videos, talks, lectures, courses, programs, etc. that I have gone through. This is not everything I have done. It is only what I can remember. The biggest sea of information I have gone through is probably through Youtube videos. There is no possible way I can remember every one I watched (and I won’t lie, many were for entertainment rather than informative but the sheer amount of time I spent on there somewhat makes up for that). You can get a sense of the amount I have gone through with the 300 video playlist I created of videos, lectures, speeches, and other things I have watched that I recently started making as I watch videos. You can see my book list of books I have read by clicking the word Books at the top of this website.

Talks I have listened to:

1. The Psychology of Human Misjudgement by Charlie Munger (GREAT talk! Highly recommend this)

2. Do what you love the money will follow

3. Gary Vaynerchuk videos and 2014 Keynote speech

4. Guy Kawosaki lectures

5. Lecture by Barack Obama on how to achieve your goals (condensed version.. Still need to find the full version. Let me know if you see it. I watched this on his Facebook page)

6. Playlist of videos I have watched (100+ videos):

7. See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar

Courses/Programs I have gone through: 

1. Investments by Southwestern College via ItunesU (great for beginners)

2. Investments via iTunesU by NYU professor (much more advanced course. Will upload a whole video talking about this one day)

3. Countless dating advice/coaching courses (all geared towards the modern age from people who know what they are doing and have results. This is the one category I have found where old advice from books or history does not fare even close to well because of the change in environment the modern world has brought us with). We are talking hundreds if not thousands of hours of reading and videos.

4. 67 steps by Tai Lopez

5. Project Go by Simple Pick Up

6. Mini MBA program (all belts) by Tai Lopez

7. Online Dating for Asian Men by ABCs of Attraction eBook

8. Power To Change Your Life by Tony Robbins

9. Some RSD content

Useful videos I have watched (mostly on Youtube):

1. Enron Documentary “Smartest guys in the room”

2. All of Warren Buffett’s talks to business students available online and a couple articles on some I found that were not video taped

3. Numerous TED Talks

4. Michael Burry Commencement speech for UCLA

5. Charlie Munger Commencement Speech

6. Charlie Munger talk with Beckie Quick

7. Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech (This is some deep stuff. I have to listen to this again sometime)

8. Peter Lynch’s speech on C-Span

9. Peter Lynch interactive video segments compiled for some sort of Investment course online (have not finished this. Very useful)

10. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview

11. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates interview

12. Most videos by Tai Lopez

13. Dozens of RSD full length videos

I have created a playlist of over 300+ videos. Hover over the word Wealth at the top of the website and then click the Useful Videos under drop down to see them and a detailed description of the videos. Or just go here: These are videos from all sources (commencement speechs, interviews, etc.) of the most successful people of all time. I have seen them all.


Tons and tons of movies. You name it, I’ve probably watched most of it. A lot, if not all mainstream ones, a lot that have been recently released. Some non-mainstream too. The only thing I have done more is probably Youtube videos


Check out my channel where I review them

Foreign TV shows/epics/films:

Some of the biggest Chinese wuxia ones

Video games/Online games:

MANY. Pokemon handheld games, Starwars Battlefront 2, Super Smash Bros (many versions)

League of Legends, Maplestory, Runescape (hundreds of thousands of hours I bet)

Will add more as I think of them

Youtube videos: 

Too many to count. Tons and tons of Jimmy Kimmel/Jimmy Fallon/Ellen/Talk show videos. Many singing competition videos. Hundreds of videos from hundreds of prank channels. Many React videos by FineBros. Many videos by the top youtube channels like nigahiga, kevjumba, etc. I can go on and on. These are just the non-educational ones.

I made a playlist of a fraction of the videos I have watched over the years (300+ videos): 

Recommended magazines and newspapers:

There are some great magazines that just correlate to success. The average income of the readers of Forbes, Fortune, and WSJ are just ridiculous, especially Forbes. The average Forbes reader has a net worth of 2.1 million according to a Forbes column by Ken Fischer (found out about this through his book). Some of that may rub off if you start reading. If it is not interesting initially, train yourself to be interested in it over time.

Magazines: Entrepreneur, The Economist, Fortune, and Forbes

Newspapers: Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Local newspapers are good too.

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  1. Joe permalink

    Hello, You seem to have a varied interests. You definitely have added to my book list. Can you tell me how you enjoyed Tai Lopez’s MBA Class? It seems like a interesting concept. Thanks!


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